Smart LIGHTING designs

We offer lighting solutions for the working place, which positively affect the biologic activity of working people, have switchless control, solutions, where we choose lighting while taking the flow of natural light in the premises and the position of the working person at his working place into account. We have a plethora of solutions to highlight interior details; we know how to emphasize the beauty of historic buildings with proper lighting, preserving its historical architecture. We help architects to complete the interior by offering a wide range of exceptional lamps, which frequently become the main design accent of both large public spaces and private homes.

We represent more than 40 of worldwide popular manufacturers of lighting products, including a range of premium category lighting goods producers.  Some of them – according to exceptional representation rights. You can always familiarize yourself with the latest presented products in our studio.


We are well aware of the importance of lighting efficiency, so we are happy to share our knowledge and experience in finding the best solution for the needs of our clients.


Domina produktai ir kainos?


  • Work – workplace lighting
  • Culture – museums and expositions lighting
  • Shop – lighting for sales outlets
  • Living – living space lighting
  • Hospitality – hotels and restaurants
  • Community – lighting for public buildings
  • Contemplation – lighting for churches and historic buildings
  • Public – outdoor lighting projects: airports, bridges, etc.


Vilnius city lower castle at the Cathedral square

Architect: Ričardas Bitovtas

Project: „Projektavimo ir restauravimo institutas“

KNX project manager: „Think Light“

2014 y.

(LT) Logistikos centro “Creolink” biuras Vilniuje


Architektai: “A2SM” Aurimas Sasnauskas

Projektas: “Creolink” biuras ir sandėlis

Apšvietimo projektuotojas: „THINK LIGHT”

2019 m.


Architects: Andrė Baldišiūtė, Sabina Daugėlienė, Domantas Lukšėnas, Dovilė Skrupskelienė


Lighting and KNX project manager: „THINK LIGHT“

2018 m.

Residential house „JACHTA“

Architect: Tomas Lapė

Project: “Studija lapė”

2015 m.

Business center in Vilnius „Pirklių klubas“

Architect:Alfredas Trimonis

Project: Trimonio darbo grupė

Lighting and KNX project manager: „Think Light“

2012 y.


Bureau in Vilnius „Swedbank“

Architektai: Audrius Ambrasas, Vilma Adomonytė

Projektas: A.Ambraso projektavimo firma

Apšvietimo projektuotojas: „Think Light“

2009 m.


Residential house at Gulbinų st. in Vilnius

Architect: Audrius Ambrasas

Project: A.Ambraso PI

Interior project: Darius Juškevičius

2014 y.


Vilnius hotel „Holiday Inn“ hall

Project: R-Interiors Ltd.

Lighting designer: „Think Light“

2012 y.

Vilnius „Holiday Inn“ hotel restaurant „RIB ROOM“

Project: Rinteriors Ltd

Lighting and KNX project manager: „Think Light“

2012 y.


„Hotel Palanga SPA“, Palanga

Architect: Darius Budrys

Project: UAB „Budrio Dizaino Studija“

KNX project manager: „Think Light“

2011 y.

Residential house in Turniškių street. In Vilnius

Architect: Alfredas Trimonis

Studio: TRIMONIS architects

2014 y.

Vilnius Business center “Green Hall”, “Barclays” bank premises in Vilnius

Architect: Viačeslavas Malenko

Project: A2SM

Lighting and KNX project manager: „Think Light“

2011 y.

National Gallery of art

Architects: A. ir M. Bučai, D. Čaplinskas, G. Kuginys

Lighting and KNX project manager: „Think Light”

2009 y.

“Danske Bank” service center in Vilnius

Architect: Viačeslavas Malenko, Aurimas Sasnauskas, Luka Galinytė, Greta Frišmantaitė-Gudaitienė

Project: „A2SM Architects“

Lighting and KNX project manager: „Think Light“

2016 y.


Šiauliai Airport „NATO“

Project: „Pastatų konstrukcijos“

Lighting designer: „Think Light“

2011 y.


“Apranga group” bureau in Vilnius

Architect: xxx

Project: „Plazma“

Lighting designer: „Think Light“

2015 y.

“Thermo Fisher Scientific” bureau in Vilnius

Architect: Sigitas Sparnaitis

Project: „Eventus Pro“

Lighting designer: „Think Light“

2012 y.

Sport club „Fitus“

Architect: Donata Valančiūtė

Project: UAB „Tiksli forma“

Lighting designer: „Think Light“

2016 y.


Mykolas Romeris University

Architect: xxx

Project: xxx 

Lighting designer: „Think Light“

2007 y.


Car center „Nissan“

Architect: Simonas Talandzevičius

Lighting designer: „Think Light“

2005 y.


Trade center “Akropolis”

Architect: Algimantas Kančas

Project: A.Kančo projektavimo firma

Lighting designer: „Think Light“ 

2007 y.



Vilnius Cathedral bell tower

Architect: Aušra Gvildienė

Project: UAB „Archinova“

Lighting designer: „Think Light“

2014 y.

„IDW Esperanza Resort SPA “,Vilnius district

Architect: Eglė Truskauskienė

Project: „IDW metawood“

Designer: Rasa Miliūnaitė-Janėnienė

Lighting and KNX project manager: „Think Light“

2016 y.

Apartment in Kražių street, Vilnius

Architect: Normundas Vilkas

Project: Akta

Lighting designer: Think Light

2016 y.


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