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Vilnius city lower castle at the Cathedral square

Architect: Ričardas Bitovtas

Project: „Projektavimo ir restauravimo institutas“

KNX project manager: „Think Light“, 2014 m.


Power saving lighting solutions with a wide range of scenarios and exceptionally flexible controls are created for the architectural development exposition of the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania – i.e. the remaining original foundations of the palace, formed in different times and palace development models, as well as iconographic materials.

Presence detectors are spread out throughout the whole area of the exposition, allowing strengthening lighting only in the areas with visitors, while other areas remain weakly lit.

Installed remote controls allowing guides to choose lighting scenarios highlighting the exhibits they are discussing at that specific moment, i.e. highlighting parts of the palace’s foundation, built in different times.

A lighting system, reacting to external light conditions and time of the day, is created. Additionally, three lighting modes are planned: working, cleaning and closed.

Possibilities are prepared to monitor the lighting system and change it parameters with the help of a visualization, created on a computer screen.


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