smart home and spaces

Smart home designs

We create houses, which adapt to their owners’ lifestyle and the cycle of nature. We adjoin the heating, ventilation, moistening, as well as roller blinds and curtain management into one harmoniously functioning entity. We create automated and inter-connected home interior and exterior lighting or environment comfort scenarios.

We also integrate audio and video systems, as well as pool temperature management. If need arises, we offer electricity distribution and saving, as well as renewable energy source systems. To ensure safety, we install personal recognition solutions, automated security system activation, which reacts to the behavior of the owner or the environment.

Smart lighting designs

We offer lighting solutions for the working place, which positively affect the biologic activity of working people, have switchless control, solutions, where we choose lighting while taking the flow of natural light in the premises and the position of the working person at his working place into account. We have a plethora of solutions to highlight interior details; we know how to emphasize the beauty of historic buildings with proper lighting, preserving its historical architecture. We help architects to complete the interior by offering a wide range of exceptional lamps, which frequently become the main design accent of both large public spaces and private homes.

We represent more than 40 of worldwide popular manufacturers of lighting products, including a range of premium category lighting goods producers.  Some of them – according to exceptional representation rights. You can always familiarize yourself with the latest presented products in our studio.


We are well aware of the importance of lighting efficiency, so we are happy to share our knowledge and experience in finding the best solution for the needs of our clients.

Smart spaces designs

  • Smart public designs
  • Smart offices designs
  • Smart culture designs
  • Smart hotel designs

We know how to create comfort at a workplace or an attractive environment for relaxation at a hotel and in public spaces. We are proud of installing solutions, preserving cultural heritage and exceptional works of art. We perfectly understand the expectations of building and exceptional space managers, which allows us to balance the user experience with the designed space efficiency. This way we ensure harmony between technology and aesthetics.