Vilnius Cathedral bell tower

Architect: Aušra Gvildienė

Project: UAB „Archinova“

Lighting designer: „Think Light“, 2014 y.


It is hard to choose proper lighting for a building of an irregular shape. A series of tests revealed a proper type of warm light, masking the irregularities of the curvature of the walls but highlighting their geometry.

Lamps with cost-effective 10 watt compact luminescent lamps and light dissolving matt glass were chosen.

A special design, large diameter, flat lamp with LED units, which was produced in Lithuania, was designed on the third storey of the bell tower. It is intended for both general and exposition lighting.

The lighting of the wooden part of the bell tower, created by the sodium floodlight, reveals the beauty of the construction. This lighting is also a part of the exterior lighting.

Internal lighting of the higher part of the tower is complementing the external lighting. Therefore, the following solution was chosen – especially warm light emerging through the top part of the tower, warming the cold tone lighting of the external façade lighting.


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