Vilnius Business center “Green Hall”, “Barclays” bank premises in Vilnius

Architect: Viačeslavas Malenko

Project: A2SM

Lighting and KNX project manager: „Think Light“, 2011 y.


Concept. A concept of a modern and ecological business center, realizing an alternative view on the workplace and climate.

A building façade lighting solution has been found – highlighting the building form and revealing its ecology preserving (green) character with the help of computer modeling tests.

A KNX management system for lighting and blinds management is installed.

Ecological LED solutions have been applied for the decorative lighting of internal premises.

General spaces are lighted while taking the functionality and cost-effectiveness in account.

The presence and lighting sensors integrated in the lamps react to the presence of the employee at his workplace and correspondingly choose the intensity of lighting.

Lighting sensors register the flow of natural light through the window and ensure that the system would automatically support the standard 500lx lighting level. The bureau has no light switches – all lighting is programmed to operate automatically.


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