„IDW Esperanza Resort SPA “,Vilnius district

Architect: Eglė Truskauskienė

Project: „IDW metawood“

Designer: Rasa Miliūnaitė-Janėnienė

Lighting and KNX project manager: „Think Light“, 2016 m.


A lighting solution, which creates a different atmosphere and highlights the luxuriousness of the boutique hotel, which is awarded five plus stars.

Only LED light source lamps, with their intensity regulated with the help of Dali protocol, are chosen for this lighting solution.

Minimally visible functional lighting from the ceiling is achieved with the use of frameless 3 and 6 cm diameter size lamps.

Decorative oval form wall lamps.

KNX system manages lighting, climate, blinds, sound and reservation systems.

Light and sound mood scenarios are created: Relax – is most appropriate during SPA procedures, Bright – is appropriate during the preparation for procedures and during cleaning, Eco – economical lighting, used when there are no procedures.


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