Residential house at Gulbinų st. in Vilnius

Architect: Audrius Ambrasas

Project: A.Ambraso PI

Interior project: Darius Juškevičius, 2014 m.


Modern minimalism in the management and lighting of the building and territory, which complements architectural and design solutions.

A complex solution integrating heating / ventilation, cooling, moistening, lighting, electric curtain, electric window and security systems.

Touch-sensitive control remotes were chosen for this concept. This is a modern and clean solution from an architectural point of view, as well as an aesthetic multifunctional management solution, used to control the most relevant smart house parameters.


A house management visualization system was created, allowing monitoring, changing climate parameters, lighting scenarios, etc.

Minimalistic lighting conception – all lamps are frameless and integrated in to ceilings.


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