Residential house „JACHTA“

Architect: Tomas Lapė

Project: “Studija lapė”, 2015 y.


Modern minimalism in building and territory management and lighting, which complements architectural and design solutions.


Complex solution connecting house heating / ventilation, interior and exterior lighting, blinds and curtain management systems, pool temperature control and maintenance automation and audio systems (in a couple of spaces) into a single entity.

System control, which is attractive to the user – only a couple of remote controls (to manage lighting scenarios and for roller blinds and curtain management).

Harmonized and automated interior and exterior lighting scenario.


System work supervision and programmed environment comfort scenario selection, uploading additional music, setting new time mode setting is available from a tablet. It is also used to collect information about system errors and maintenance messages of various devices.

Personal recognition systems to ensure security (house and garage access control).

Automated security systems activation, reacting to the user’s behavior (at the house, garage and territory).


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