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Business center in Vilnius „Pirklių klubas“

Architect: Alfredas Trimonis

Project: Trimonio darbo grupė

Lighting and KNX project manager: „Think Light“, 2012 m.


Modern solutions, highlighting century-old traditions and the historical architecture of the building.

Frameless illuminators are installed in the ceilings and walls in the old part of the building to allow damaging the historic architecture of the building as little as possible while receiving lighting, complying with all of the modern requirements. However, in the new part of the building, lamps are chosen to provide maximum quality and economic benefit.

LED and metal halogen lamps were chosen for the general lighting of premises.

In order to ensure the mobility of workplaces, workplace lighting was executed with chosen standing lamps, thus allowing to avoid wiring installation in the ceiling and protecting the historical heritage.

LED lamps were chosen for the façade lighting to achieve cost-effectiveness and long service life.


The KNX system in this building controls lighting, climate and electrical windows.

All of these functions are controlled with one remote in each premise.

Electrically controlled windows are used in the heating and ventilation system – the management system automatically opens the windows during summer nights (for as much as the security system allows that) and the premises are naturally ventilated, thus, saving electrical energy.

The general spaces and car parking lots have installed movement sensors, allowing to provide stronger lighting only when there are people in these premises.


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