Vilnius „Holiday Inn“ hotel restaurant „RIB ROOM“

Project: Rinteriors Ltd

Lighting and KNX project manager: „Think Light“, 2012 m.


A lighting concept is created, corresponding to the hotel’s need in breakfast, dinner, supper and event lighting scenarios.

High-quality LED downlight products are chosen for the general lighting of the restaurant and tables are provided lighting with the help of decorative lights with halogenic lamps.

Several lighting scenarios have been developed, for example, during breakfast – stronger lighting from the ceiling and less lighting from the hanging lamps, during the dinner.

The lighting is managed from the KNX management system.

Dimming the ceiling lighting will provide more accent to the lamps over the tables, and the scenario with the most light is used for events. During daytime, the main lighting is the natural light, saving electrical energy, and during the evening – the decorative lamps create an evening mood, while the ceiling lights just support the minimum general lighting level.



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