Sport club „Fitus“

Architect: Donata Valančiūtė

Project: UAB „Tiksli forma“

Lighting designer: „Think Light“, 2016 y.


A concept of interior lighting, which is complementary to the luxurious sports club dramatic design, created by strong forms, dashing contrasts and modern materials, which is also complying with hygiene norms.

A café form is chosen to highlight the reception theme, therefore we offered the “Wever & Ducré” folded wire decorative lamps.

The dramatic effect of the upwards steps near the reception is highlighted with a line-type LED lighting.



The spacious 600 square meter sports hall is home to the hanging lamps, providing a lot of volume lighting, and LED lights are installed in the training hall, flooding calm light to the ceiling.

High IP class inlaid luminaries, which are adapted to moist premises, are offered for the pool area.


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