“Danske Bank” service center in Vilnius

Architect: Viačeslavas Malenko, Aurimas Sasnauskas, Luka Galinytė, Greta Frišmantaitė-Gudaitienė

Project: „A2SM Architects“

Lighting and KNX project manager: „Think Light“, 2016 y.


Creative, bold and modern solutions creating an interesting, attractive and comprehensive, activity liberating space.

In order to achieve maximum productivity and comfort, workplaces were installed with hanging lamps with a micro prismatic optic installation, with little-to-none blinding effect.

The presence and lighting detectors integrated in the lamps react to the presence of the employee at the workplace and correspondingly choose the lighting intensity.

Moody interior design drawings are emphasized by LED lamps.

The bureau has no light switches – all lighting is programmed to operate automatically.

Lighting sensors register the flow of natural light through the window and ensure that the system would automatically support the standard 500lx lighting level.

Massive hanging lamps in the hall with high ceiling fill the space and are a stretching, two building storey high decorative element.


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